Selected Writing

Honey is one of the most faked foods in the world, and the US government isn’t doing much to fix it
Business Insider, September 2020

“The threat goes beyond those little golden bears lining the supermarket shelves.”

Space Oddity: Mexican group claims alien base offers hurricane protection
The Guardian, July 2020

“The collective mind is charged with this concept, so it creates a force field of repulsion.”

Traveling for the cure: Tourism will be key to economic recovery for Oaxaca after COVID-19
The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA), July 2020

“I dreamed of hot chocolate steaming out of hand-painted clay mugs in the cool desert morning and gigantic tamales that spill rich, dark mole when you stab a fork into them.”

Eddie Mendoza and Direct Relief Mexico: A model for the new normal
Mexico News Daily, May 2020

“As the coronavirus pandemic lays bare those parts of the institutions of both countries rendered ineffective by everything from bureaucracy to political infighting to bruised egos, Eddie’s leadership during the crisis is a shining example of how the public and private sectors could behave and interact in order to get better results.”

Court freezes bank accounts of opponents of Nayarit condominium project
Mexico News Daily, February 2020

“In late November, he and five other protesters woke to find that they had no access to their personal bank accounts. Without any official notice from a governmental or legal entity, the activists were told by their banks that their accounts had been frozen due to a lawsuit.”

Valgur’s ‘Zapandú’ Is a Synth-Pop Odyssey Against Femicide, Sexual Assault & Violence in Mexico
Remezcla, October 2019

“But the album isn’t all tragedy. Ultimately, it’s about overcoming it by finding a place for tradition in an ever-globalizing society, one that, according to ‘Infancias Trágicas,’ at once designs and devours those living in it.”

Positive Attitude
Silent Auctions Magazine, September 2019
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“I’ve been booed.” 

Turtle egg trade is alive and well in Juchitán, Oaxaca, where officials turn a blind eye
Mexico News Daily, August 2019

“Despite a federal ban on the hunting, sale and consumption of sea turtle eggs and meat, the longstanding practice is still tolerated in Juchitán de Zaragoza.”

What Cheese Is This?
Lapham’s Quarterly Roundtable, May 2019

“Instead of the crumbly queso fresco that her family produced, the attempted fix resulted in a gumlike cheese that was sure to be Leobarda’s doom.”

What Tortillas We Eat
Rio Grande Review, Fall 2018

“It makes me wonder if those who would love to see them sent south of the border tomorrow have thought about where they would eat breakfast the next morning.”

The First Tejano Historian
Lapham’s Quarterly Roundtable, October 2017

“Perhaps he knew he was handing over the reins of Texas history to the Anglo colonizers with their list of mostly mendacious grievances against the Mexican government.”

Parallel Planes (poem)
The Texas Observer, July 2017

“The sky killed Buddy Holly.”